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  • Danger: Snowy Acres [Blizzards, Freezing]
  • No breeding or foaling
  • Places filled with snow, water will freeze up
  • Gloom woods extremely dangerous
  • Good place to go: Your own land, Places more to the south [Dew Drop Rainforest prefered by most horses]
  • Next season: Spring, starts August 12
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 Silver Brumby's Characters

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PostSubject: Silver Brumby's Characters   Thu Apr 24, 2014 4:11 am

Please note I generally make my own images for different Characters if I can, and will link to them if they are too big.

Wild Horses

Their Beginning
Name: Thowra ((wind))
Age: 4 years
Gender: Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Brumby
Height: 17 hands

Their Appearance
Pelt: cream
Mane and tail: silver
Eyes: blue, not blind
Markings: none

Their Story
Friends: Storm
Dam: Bel Bel
Sire: Yarraman
History:Thowra was born to become King of the Cascades Brumbies. So far he has witnessed The Brolga killing his father, and claiming said title. Also he has had to lead his older brother Arrow to his death as well, as the chestnut was intent on killing him. He had inherited a black mare from Arrow. Now though he is constantly harassed by The Brolga and knows that the time will come when he will rise up and defeat that grey!

Their Behaviour
Personality:Thowra is a calm and intelligent stallion. He always defends his herd, and cares about each member. He is more than used to being chased by men for his coat, and knows that someone wants him for a horse to ride. He has however, a soft spoke for human children and has often helped them if they get lost in his lands in winter. He has the winds speed and leave no tracks
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Silver Brumby's Characters
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